"Prompt: Can you do a cute fanfic of Dan and Phil at the beach for a full day and ending it with a sunset?"

Anonymous asked:
hi what are the most popular / best chaptered completed phanfics??

tagged list ple ase

Anonymous asked:
Prompt: I'm not sure where this idea came from but I think that a fic set in the same universe as "The Series of Unfortunate Events" by Lemony Snicket, would be really cool. Like them being involved with the VFD and stuff. Or not. However you want to do it. I just think a Series of Unfortunate Events AU would be great.


Anonymous asked:
Prompt: teen pregnancy phan with loads of angst please. Dan is either a carrier or an omega.


Anonymous asked:
So I thought of like a really fluffy prompt yesterday. Dan and Phil adopted a child but it means they have to move house so basically like Dan and Phil fitting their child's wardrobe (like in Phil's video "the wardrobe") bonus points if: Dan and Phil vlog it like in "the wardrobe" video and their child like coming into the room asking something, that sort of stuff.


Anonymous asked:
are there any babysitting fics where they babysit a lil toddler or baby and phil is really surprised by how good dan is with children if not prompt

i wrote one sort of similar????

Lucy’s Lullaby 

but i’ll tag it as a prompt too

(/・・)ノ.:*・°☆ placentaandllamas

Anonymous asked:
Prompt: American high school AU. Friends to lovers D&P are made to join the school's basketball team. (Also, Dan thinks Phil's ass looks really good in those basketball shorts shhh) Fluff please!
Anonymous asked:
prompt: a songfic based off green days fell for you ^^
Anonymous asked:
In spirit of results can we have a fic where dan doesn't pass his gcse's and Phil comforts him???
Anonymous asked:
prompt: high school reunion AU
Anonymous asked:
Prompt: fluff/angst fic based on 'Feels Like Home' by Edwina Hayes and basically consists of d&p fighting about something then dan breaking down and saying to phil that he is the only home he's ever known because of reasons (that the author can make up) and he can't bear to be angry with phil because he's cripplingly lonely without him
Anonymous asked:
Prompt: fluffy neko!dan where nekos are kept as pets and Phil got Dan when he was a kid (Dan's a kid too) and they grow up together and just fluff


Anonymous asked:
Prompt: Dan trying to seduce Phil while dressed as Buffy.


Anonymous asked:
more fics where they just fuck up against a wall tbh


Anonymous asked:
fic where they're both afraid of the dark and one is asleep in bed and the other falls asleep on the sofa and they both need each other and they both decide to be brave for the other and they meet in the middle and it's hella cute


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