A Slight Demon Problem

in which Phil is a demon hunter and Dan is a demon. of sorts.
(this may become chaptered if people want it to be)

soulmates color au

this is a prompt i got about a not-seeing-color-until-you-meet-your-soulmate au and i’m kind of proud of it! tw for mentions of an ED 


I Think You Need a New Job

Summary: Phil, a trainee healer, is intrigued by the new assistant groundskeeper who can’t seem to stop getting hurt. (Hogwarts AU)

Genre: Angsty Fluff

Warnings: Injuries? Snake bite, Stupid clumsy Dan

POV: Third Person

Words: 3886

((Can you add the harry potter/hogwarts, hurt!dan, getting together and crossover tags please?))

Anonymous asked:
please excuse my ignorance but what is UST?

unresolved sexual tension :)


Weekly Challenge

Life’s a ball, and so is this week’s challenge. It’s party week!

-drunk!phan meeting/hooking up/confessing feelings/playing party games (eg spin the bottle)

-historical au’s with regal balls or royal affairs

-youtube party scandals

-school dances/prom

-first time clubbing

Kiss Me

I adapted and wrote this quite popular prompt: 

Prompt: no but all i want in life is a really long wedding day fic where it starts off the night before and maybe dan is nervous and then going through the next day in detail like when dans parents see him in his suit they tear up, Phil talking to guests about how lucky he is before Dan arrives at the church, speeches from best man and stuff, first dance etc and then really fucking fluffy smut or something on their wedding night i just pleaSE

Anonymous asked:
prompt: fic based off stay with me by sam smith!!!! (optional: dan and phil have been fading a lot lately and not talking much but phil goes over to dans house and they watch a movie and it's awkward so phil goes to leave and dan says something like 'stay with me' and they start cuddling and staring at each other and it gets fluffy ???

The (Shipped) Gold Standard


summary: fame gets too real, and Dan needs to get out- one way or another

genre: “well could you have actually made that song any angstier”- lauren
wc: ~1.4k
warnings: strong warnings for suicide, self harm, blood

yo so I managed to get every word of the FOB song “The (Shipped) Gold Standard” in chronological order, done for phanfic’s literal lyrics challenge- http://phanfic.tumblr.com/post/95836776152

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Anonymous asked:
what's the tag for fluffy bondage? sorry if it's obvious >.< but i tried to search but it just came up with prompts

We don’t have one

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Anonymous asked:
after break up fic based off the song 'lying' by panic! at the disco. dan cheats ("Then think of what you did, and how I hope to God he was worth it.") phil is bitter towards him ("I've got more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch, a better fuck than any boy you'll ever meet, sweetie you had me").. i hope this makes sense! haha. the song is actually about a depressed husband committing suicide after his wife cheats on him. idek what this prompt is just do whatever basically yeah
Anonymous asked:
So hi! I'd like to make a UST masterpost thingy, but I have a few questions about it. Does it have to be Tumblr only? Does it have to end in smut or...? And is it okay if I put already submitted fics to here on it?

doesn’t have to be on tumblr, fics already on here are fine and no it does’t have to end in smut -thanks so much literally!!! 

Anonymous asked:
erm hi sorry to bother you is there a hogwarts au tag? I checked the tag page but i couldn't find anything but i could have sworn you had one!


Just Answer the Phone

Summary: Dan is ignoring Phil, so Phil has to end it. I know this is overdone. Oh well. 

Its the texty kind of thing

WC: 400+

No warnings, I think


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Anonymous asked:
Whenever I'm going through the prompts tag I'll see some tagged as answered. How do I read the fic someone wrote? Sorry if you get asked this a lot I'm newish <3

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