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olindesong asked:
do you know of any fics where they're just friends and they're out in public and someone says that theyd be a cute couple or something like that because i live for those

none that i know of :/ sorry

can anyone rec any? 

Anonymous asked:
the one where dan is in a privet school and phils in a band and the cousin carl is by phancakegasms and is called who knew phancakegasms(.)tumblr(.)com/whoknew

Anonymous asked:
Hey, I'm wondering if there are any sort of American horror story like, crossover phanfictions? It's just I'm addicted to AHS just now and I find it cute if it was Dan and Phil in the murder house or them as violet and tate :)

none that i know of so prompt!!

Anonymous asked:
Hi! I'm looking for a fic, but couldn't find it in your tags and I don't remember the title or author :/ I believe it had two chapters (I only read the end of chapter 2 though), Phil died at the end of the second chapter in a car accident and Dan saw it and I think Dan was mentally ill and at first he kept saying that Phil was sleeping and then he realized and it was terribly sad... Hope that helps something! Also your blog is truly amazing, thanks so much :)

can anyone help?

thedramallamaqueen asked:
Hey, do u know any phanfic where Dan watches Phil's videos and then he accidentally meets him and they start dating?

not accidently meet… up /tagged/skype and stuff youll probs find dan watches phil then they becomes friends/dating (aka what actually happened cough)

Anonymous asked:
prompt: songfic based off of 17 by Avril Lavigne?

Anonymous asked:
Prompt: Has there ever been a fic based on the show Broadchurch? if not would anyone write it? It would be an interesting parent au.

Anonymous asked:
prompt: i think this was a thing a while ago but i'm bringing it back, Phil hiding Dan's straighteners so he has to have curly hobbit hair :D

Anonymous asked:
hi! there was this rlly short, non-challenge submitted fic by an anon and it was sO goOd and i wanna read it and i looked through the tags and like 30 pages of the blog but i can't find it!!!(pages like 180-215ish). it was video filming where phil and dan read phanfic as a joke and then kissed at the end t ocome out to their viewers!! pls help me

aww this sounds cute! can anyone help?

Anonymous asked:
Cute fluffy fic where Phil appreciates Dan's cute little tummy tum! ^_^

ciarasaurs asked:
the pet names ask just made me think about what irish people say (moth is your girlfriend; pronounced without the th its v weird) and chicken (like you say baby) idk why im telling you this it could be useful if people are writing fics that involve Adam??

Anonymous asked:
dans grandma calls on facetime while Dan and Phil have sex (but please dont make it that his grandma hears/watches them have sex cause no pls)

Anonymous asked:
omg can some1 pls do a fic based on trying not to love you by nickelback? but it would be nice if you dont add song lyrics in it like almost all of the other songfics please :D

Anonymous asked:
I was looking for a fic where Dan dies and then comes back as a ghost that only Phil can see? And then PJ and his mom visit him and he tells them that dans a ghost and PJ goes along with it and supports him but then he gets like obsessed with Dan as a ghost and so he goes to a mental hospital where he meets a guy and ghost Dan gets jealous and then in the hospital they make him take medication which makes Dan fade away? I'm sorry if this is an awful description; it's all I can remember

i dont remember reading this can someone help?

Anonymous asked:
Prompt: Angst/comfort fic based on the music video for Melted by Akdong Musician. Basically Dan as the boy and Phil as the man at the end, obviously focusing more on beyond the end of the video. (that video will rip your heart out!)

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