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Anonymous asked:
i was looking at the infamous tags and i saw the one called the blade fic but that it was deleted. do you know what it was about?

plagiarism. it was originally a jalex fic

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Anonymous asked:
do you know where i can find some historical phanfics?

i wouldn’t mind but we have a search bar now

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Super Long Chaptered fics: ~60k upwards

Need a long fic to keep you going? note: not all these fics have word counts which is why i’ve been vague about the cut off, basically fics i’ve estimated are 60k+

remember there’s also this list of completed chaptered fics :)

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Anonymous asked:
What are some of the shortest fics you know of?

we have a tag for this one :) /tagged/drabble

Drowning Thoughts

I’m terrible at summaries; basically it’s an existential crisis fic, but it’s not only Dan’s existence he’s questioning, it’s also Phil’s mortality. Written in first person, you read as Dan. 1.3k words.

Extra tags: oneshot, existential crisis

yo i’m making the super long fics masterpost for the anon so if you have a fic that’s longer than 60k words pls let me know :)

Anonymous asked:
What are some of the longest fics you know of? Like cwm length or more

our completedchaptered tag is your best bet :) idk how long cwm is but there are a fair few over 60k

Weekly Challenge 10


Historical week!

It’s time to transport phan back into your favourite time period. These fics are always amazing and we /really/ don’t have enough - think of the possibilities u guys war phan Victorian phan Roman phan pirate phan Edwardian phan 60’s phan 20’s phan Egyptian phan tribal phan slave phan /period drama phan/ omgomg and if history’s not your thing you can always head off into the future!

we’ve had some insanely good prompts for this, now let’s have some fics!

Anonymous asked:
What's a prompt filler?

someone who is happy for people to send them prompts, could be useful if you have a prompt that’s v special to you and you want it done in a specific way so you can find out their writing styles before asking someone rather than just throwing it into the wind of fate here at phanfic :P

Anonymous asked:
sorry I'm not sure if you're the right blog to ask but whenever I see blogs do ficrecs they are always fic writers themselves, and I was just wondering is it an unwritten rule that you have to be an author to rec fics? or could I start a ficrec page even though I'm not a writer?

that is definitely not a rule but i do see why you could think that

go ahead and start your own page! (after all, that’s pretty much what this whole blog is and not all of us here write fic)

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Anonymous asked:
prompt: dan trying to stay up and waiting for phil to get home but he ends up falling asleep on the couch and phil comes home to see dan asleep on the couch and he thinks its really cute and he carries him to bed and then when dan wakes up gets a surprise to see phil asleep next to him and its all really cute and fluffy asdfghjkl

aw my gosh that’s adorable

Anonymous asked:
I'm looking for a fic called "Does it Happen to You" it was in your phanfic awards (which I can't find on mobile) and I don't remember the author. All I remember is that it took place when Dan and 14 and Phil was 13, they were step brothers, I checked the childhood tag and it wasn't there I'm not really sure what other tags I should look in, I also tried googling it and nothing came up. Thanks <3

it’s by mermaidstailonmyface

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Anonymous asked:
Does sally still write? I think her url was thattinynerd?

i think she does and her new url can be obtained by sending an ask to thattinynerd c:

Everyone Loves a Bad Boy

Author: philisnotdan (moriartymissedme)

Genre: fluff/angst

Warning: swearing, drug abuse, mentions of smut (no actual smut), 

Summary: Dan meets Phil on dark street late at night and is immediately attracted to him, but how far will he go to stay with Phil?

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Anonymous asked:
Hey, sorry to bother you but do you know any fics where they start out hating each other and end up together? I'm not sure what tag that would be under (you guys are awesome btw, thank you for this blog)

Disasterology & The Next Best Thing


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