anushwa asked:
dans-a-bitch(.)tumblr(.)com/damagedskinandevilsins the one where they drift apart and phil's mum lets men fuck him for money. tw rape and alcohol and drugs. It's a recovery fic though.

damaged skin and evil sins

Summery: Dan and Phil have been best friends forever, and when they start to drift apart, they both end up coping differently.

Warnings: alcohol, drugs, mentions of rape, profanity, angst, high school AU, slight fluff

The Wanting Comes In Waves - Porphyromaniac

After moving to the tiny Welsh coastal village of Rhagfyr, Phil struggles to find a new way of living, what with his new school and the decision of his future still on the table. Dan is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, but perhaps there’s beauty inside destruction.

I would like to rec this fic because omfg it’s 48k and I just read it but I will read it all over again multiple times. There’s a perfect mix of smut, and fluff. Furthermore, it’s a high school au and had fight club references.

The smut is beautiful and so is the character development. There’s no glorification of sadness and that is possibly the best part, d & p are fucked up but they deal with their emotions. It’s beautiful.

extra tags- tw death of minor characters, pyromania?, blowjob (OMFG THE AMOUNT OF BJ IN THERE IS IMPECCABLE), size kink (subtext), happy ending?, 69 (beautiful), break up? (like for 24 hours or something - akin to real life) I RECCOMEND THIS SO HARD 

Anonymous asked:
Promt based on this comment on a video i watched: As a sixteen year old male, I had my first kiss a few Saturdays ago. The girl was clearly interested, I liked her too, she got real close and I believe my exact words were "If you're going to kiss me, do it, but please don't expect me to be any good"
whydidifallforthis asked:
Hi, sorry to bother you but I have looked practically everywhere and I really need help finding a particular story I read a while ago. All I remember are certain moments throughout, like the beginning is dan and phil have an argument or something then phil calls pj and he takes two trains and brings a load of craft stuff and phil helps him with it and pj cuts himself… then when he's leaving he kisses phil to make dan realise something… theres a little kickthestickz in there too… thank you lots!

this has been in our ask a while, anyone know?

Anonymous asked:
Prompt: Dan and Phil are both contestants on the Great British Bake Off and end up rolling their dough together
Anonymous asked:
Hi, I hate to ask for help, but I really can't find this fic I really like. The whole premise is that Dan and Phil live next to each other their whole lives, best friends. Dan's parents are overbearing and pushy, while Phil has his mum and she does drugs and drinks and sleeps around. It pushes Dan and Phil apart, Dan becoming popular and Phil not. Dan had a girlfriend but they broke up. Phil's mum starts to let men sleep with Phil for money. Phil finally asks for help from Mr. and Mrs. Howell

This has been in our ask a while, anyone know?

Anonymous asked:
It's a weird question, but do you have any fics that have a shocking (ish, idm) plot twist at either the end or throughout the fic? Preferably at the end, thank you :)

yes lots but we don’t have a tag for this, does anyone want to make a plot twist masterlist?

Anonymous asked:
Prompt: Dan is into theater and is beginning to perform professionally and gets a big part in some musical, idk beauty and the beast or something. He and Phil have been dating for a while and he decides to ask Phil to come see the show, (Adorableness ensues, "I'm so proud of you, that was absolutely amazing," Kisses cuddles and they go home to have dinner but Dan is so exhausted from the performance he accidentally falls asleep, ok im done
Anonymous asked:
prompt: platonic phan. dan has feelings for phil. slightly tipsy/drunk dan gives phil a lap dance to tease him/test the waters/whatever. phil gets turned on because he has feelings for dan too, but neither of them have admitted it yet. up to author what happens (weather it's feelings & fluffy or smut, heh. kind of like the second option, though).
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stitched together by scarred skin

summary: no one ever said the idea of soulmates comes with guaranteed romantic love, and this is where it leaves them — swaying between two sides of the depth, unable to go back and unable to go forward. 

because the bottom line is this: dan and phil have each other’s names written on their skin, but that doesn’t mean they’re dating.

alternatively: a soulmates au that tells the story of how fear and lack of communication can change one’s path and lead them astray. it actually isn’t a platonic fic, even though in part it is. but this is what it’s really about, isn’t it — just because two people belong together doesn’t mean they’re attached to a label. 

(extra tags: soulmates au, happy ending i guess) 

Anonymous asked:
are there any fics where phil and dan's child walks in on them doing the frickity frack?

we don’t have any where it’s the kid in our tag, there’s at least one i’ve read but i think it was part of a series/chaptered fic. does anyone know any?

Dirty Glasses

Summary: Dan has always loved Phil in his glasses, but the new pair of glasses he recently got have been keeping him drooling over Phil. Unfortunately, Phil likes to tease, so when he realized Dan really had a thing for him in his new glasses, he decided he’d use it to his advantage. 

Based off of this post from bloodsexandrockandroll

Extra tags: Top!phil, wall sex, tw: alcohol, tw: alcohol mention  

I've Got You, Babe

Description: Dan suffers a miscarriage from a baby he didn’t even realise he was carrying. Together, he and Phil struggle to understand a grief over something they didn’t know they had and grow closer than they’ve ever been before.

Warnings: Mpreg, don’t read if you don’t like it. TW for loss, miscarriage.

Disclaimer: I’ve done as much research as I can on this very difficult topic. This is the hardest theme I’ve written about so I hope I have handled it with respect and not offended anybody who may have some relation to the issues raised.

Word Count: 2480.

(extra tag: mpreg)

Anonymous asked:
prompt: fic based off of "Secret Valentine" by We The Kings

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kawaii-kanai asked:
Prompt: Dan and Phil are best friends and in theatre club together. After getting cast to play Romeo and Juliet, they begin to worry about their impending stage kiss. Wanting to do the play right, they decide they should practice kissing each other so they can get used to it, but after a while they realize they aren't just practicing anymore. If something similar to this has been done already, please link!
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