I told you I’d get lost

Summary: Dan gets lost in Louise’s vlog when Phil’s in America.

Fluff, Slight pre-smut

Word count: 1154

A/n: This is my first phanfic, please be nice, tell me if there are any improvements FEEDBACK WILL GET YOU AN INVISIBLE COOKIE bribery is NOT THE WAY! But still. :P :D

Disclaimer: I am not saying phan is real, and unfortunately I do not own Dan and Phil (oh the possibilities) 

If you want to read it its here :)

minnie-in-wonderland asked:
im super happy that you did 80's songfic week because i love 80's music and now i have like a million ideas and have already submitted one oh dear

omg i’m so excited

Anonymous asked:
we need more liveshow fics that aren't about coming out how about more smutty liveshows

it’s illegal though bc 90% of the people watching liveshows are minors

a little bit of foreplay under the table that means the liveshow has to be cut short is fine, but that’s been done a lot. anything more than that i think a lot of people would be uncomfortable writing/reading 

Anonymous asked:
I have sent the same ask like 5 times now an it hasn't been answered 😞 (I ain't blaming you, tumblr doesn't aways work right and sometimes the submissions don't go through) here it is Can you leave some links to fics where Dan has an eating disorder

we got one of them, just use the eating disorder tag though! i reckon about 80% of the fics in it have dan with the eating disorder :)

Edit: I’m pretty sure it says in the faq that we’ll delete asks if it’s something we know is really easy to find without our help
Anonymous asked:
I know you said 80's pop, but does The Smiths/The Cure count? They're not really pop but are 80's

 you can do whatever you want, the point of the challenge however was trying to make a songfic out of a really shitty/generic song (take karma chameleon for example - the lyrics are literally karma karma karma karma karma chameleon) but i’d count the smiths/the cure as good music you feel? do whatever you want! just know that that’s how most people will be angling their’s and you could always do a smiths/cure songfic another time :)

Lets Dance

just a drabble about dancing and regret 

Weekly Challenge


80’s Songfic challenge!

Pick a fabulous/terrible 80’s classic and try turn it into a songfic - doesn’t have to be serious, but bonus points if you can get heartbreaking angst out of karma chameleon 

note: as usual, there aren’t any rules - by 80’s i mean that period of pop but we’re not going to be checking the release date of the song you picked :P

Kindle My Heart

I wrote this based off a prompt you got from an anon that said: 

Can someone please write a fic where phil floods the flat by breaking the sink of something he’d do and they have to stay at pjs while it’s being fixed and phil is really worried dan hates him because of it and can’t sleep so he’s sat in the kitchen at 3am and dan hears him crying bc he’s still up on tumblr and comes to help and phil admits he’s in love with him and dan starts kissing him and they end up making out on the countertop and pj walks into make tea and see’s them Friends to lovers)

So yeah. I wrote it on my Dan and Phil sideblog

Without Conviction

Someone challenged to write an angsty Karma Chameleon, so I gave it a go. 

Summary: Phil has a secret that he knows will hurt Dan. (wow how cliche sounding…shush just read it). Written in first person, you read as Dan for the majority of the fic until the last section where you read as Phil.

extra tags: cheating, songfic

Anonymous asked:
About where to post fics: I would say always post on tumblr and link to other sites if you posted them there too, because honestly, if I see a fic is posted on wattpad I never read it because wattpad fics are generally lower quality and I don't like the layout so I don't want to suffer through the layout if the fic turns out to be bad. Just post on tumblr and maybe different sites and link them all because people like different layouts <3
Anonymous asked:
I'm almost sixteen and post on wattpad.. Is that bad? ;-; I'm pretty popular too.. I'm always so worried that I'm cringe worthy

nah, you post wherever you want to post, y’know? different people prefer different platforms (i prefer the archive, for example, it just doesn’t have as much traffic as tumblr which is why i post here too). a good idea is always to post on tumblr too and then link to where else you have your fics published - that’s the best way to get maximum exposure/feedback on your work :)


Anonymous asked:
prompt: fantastic foursome as the breakfast club
Anonymous asked:
Prompt: au where dan and phil meet at work in an office together and then fuck on a desk in a meeting room while people are walking past and working outside etc (bonus points if it's bdsm)
Anonymous asked:
i need more boyfriend-meets-parents-and-looks-at-cringey-childhood-photos fics pls
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