Dance with me, Dan?

Summary:Phil is and classic dancer ,Dan is an karate teacher. One day Phil doesn’t have any company to practice and Dan accidentally entered Phil’s hall. 

Genre:Fluff, AU

Anonymous asked:
Hi on your master list of master posts there's a sentence saying Birthday List: Phil, but no link?? Is this a mistake or is there just no fics there of that nature?

it was really short and half the fics had been deleted so we’re going to make a new one :)


One Shot

Summary: Just a short little fluffy thing about Phil’s sick day the other week <3

Check Yes Juliet-PHAN Song Fic


Summary: 17 year old Phil has just come out to his extremely religious parents. They weren’t happy. Now he must make a choice between them, and his boyfriend, Dan.

Warnings: Angst, homophobia, swear words

(submitting again bc you didn’t tag it as a song fic before and that’s kind of the whole point, also new url)

Extra tag: SONG FIC

Anonymous asked:
Do you do any phan masterposts/know of any?



Description: Being in love with someone who doesn’t have it within themselves to love you back is painful. Angst. Dan’s POV.

Words: 381

A/N: This is short for a reason and it’s 2am please forgive me.

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Booty Call (1/2)

Pairing: Phan

Genre: Slight Angst? (I don’t even know)

Warnings: Alcohol mention I guess

Prompt (from Phanfic): Dan is out with a friend talking about how much he likes Phil when he accidentally butt dials him.

Word Count: 1848

I made the title a pun and it sounds like smut but it’s not I’m sorry.

[Add reality tag please]

Weird Fishes

My first phanfic ever. I’d really appreciate any feedback! I will not show up in tumblr tags for a while because I’m a new blog, so please share if you like it <3

Summary: Dan & Phil are nostalgic on their 5th anniversary together. Partly a songfic for Weird Fishes by Radiohead (one of Dan’s favorite songs). Please listen (x) for the full effect. Such a beautiful song.

Genre: Fluffy with some moments of minor angst/comfort

Warnings: Some reference to sex, nothing explicit. This is pretty fluffy so not many other warnings I can think of.

Word Count: 2,354

extra tags: songfic, 2009, reality

Anonymous asked:
Uni prompt! How about something where dthey meet in the campus laundrette, one of them leaves their beanie by accident and the other ends up carrying it around everywhere till they see the beanie owner again
Anonymous asked:
prompt: dan and phil just came back from teen awards after party and remember the anniversary so decide to celebrate - basically what im saying is i need tired, lazy fluffy smut bc god damn the feels.
Anonymous asked:
is there any fics where they're polyamorous?

no, not to my knowledge. i don’t even know of any where they’re polygamous, sadly. this would be a super awesome prompt with like charlie or someone!!  

Anonymous asked:
it annoys me when people come to this blog looking for Dan/Phil/Reader fics. Like come on, the name of this blog is PHANfics for god sakes.

think how we feel laughs

we get an ask like that most days which is pretty impressive considering the faq directly above the askbox read ‘Please don’t ask us about danisnotonfire or AmazingPhil “fanfiction” we don’t post any of that here.’

Anonymous asked:
I know this isn't exactly phan, but do you know of any dan/reader, phil/reader, or dan/phil/reader smut fics?

none of us read that stuff, phan only sorry

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Wrap You In Cotton Wool - Part Two.

Here is the long awaited second part to my fanfic ‘Wrap You in Cotton Wool’.

Read part one here to catch up!

Title: Wrap You in Cotton Wool – Part 2

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Warnings: Hospitals, mentions of death, swearing

Description: VidCon arrives and Dan and Phil are preparing for three days of meet-ups and business. However, the stress of over-working and lack of sleep and food finally catches up with Dan, leaving Phil to look after him and make him feel better.

Word Count: 2255

You're Starting To Shine

Genre: 5 year phanniversary. Need I say more.

Summary: I got emotional over 2009!phan.

AN: This was an alright idea but Idk if I did it justice. Based on the song Gold by Owl City. It’s a very good song, go listen! (Also, it starts off in 2009 time)

Anyway, enjoy. RIP


It’s night and the moon lights up the empty spot beside Phil, coating the creases in the sheets and making him squint slightly. It’s leaking through the curtains along side the occasional hum of traffic, painting glitter and shadows on the walls, but Phil can’t see Dan anywhere.

extra tags: songfic, 2009, reality, phanniversary I guess

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