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  • Dan and Phil on holiday together swimming, sunbathing, relaxing, hotel rooms 
  • Editing a video together
  • Baking together
  • Camping trip
  • Dan and Phil at a party Intoxication?, Drinking games/spin the bottle?, Dancing?
  • Dan is a piano teacher/pianist? - Dan plays piano for Phil?
  • New Year Kiss
  • Christmas Games
  • Dan shoves cake in Phil’s face at a/their wedding
  • Playing Gay Chicken  
  • First meeting
  • Spooning 
  • Dan and Phil sleeping together after filming a video.
  • Phil is injured/sick & Dan takes care of him & it’s all fluffy 
  • Imagine person A of your OTP unable to complete their collection of album by their favorite artist because they can’t find a certain, rare album: person B surprise them finding the album in an obscure website and gives it to person A as a birthday present.
  • Dan and Phil do the cinnamon challenge together
  • Phil doesn’t want to make his video in the lion suit because he thinks he looks ridiculous so Dan reassures him!
  • all i really want is a cute bad boy who’s kind of an asshole but is really sweet to me and calls me babe and lets me wear his leather jacket and runs his hands through my hair and make out with me while leaning against his cool car and he gets in fights and his face is bleeding and i help him clean up and then we make out more and in public he puts his hand in my back pocket.
  • Dan never became YouTube famous, and never met Phil. He just continued to spend his years stalking Phil’s twitter and YouTube and being the depressed lonely kid he was before he met Phil. But then by chance Dan meets Phil in a Starbucks or something and they end up sitting together and talking and you can take it from there…
  • Dan and Phil meet for the first time in a very long line for a roller coaster. 
  • in dan’s latest video he’s really worked up about not destroying sandcastles yeah? i was thinking if dan (and phil idk) had a child and they went to the beach, the kid made a sandcastle and some dude destroys it and so dan gets really angry and beat the crap out of him or something likewise 
  • Phil and Dan are having a conversation about who would take the other’s last name if they ever got married, and the conversation ends with one of them proposing to the other.
  • Dan suffers from short term memory loss and every morning he forgets the day before. Phil sees him every morning in a cafe and makes him fall in love with him over and over again.
  • It’s their anniversary and they decide that they won’t do anything super special just chill at home or something but then secretly they both plan something at the same time and then you can choose how it ends
  • Remember how in Phil’s 1,000,000 video he was like “I’m pregnant.”? Well what if he actually was pregnant with Dan’s baby and that was his secret way of telling the phans.
  • Dan goes away with his parents and Phil is convinced that he doesn’t need Dan around, but he catches himself listening to their landline just to hear Dans voice and then he realises that he’s in love with him
  • One is them is magical (eg wizard/fairy idk) and wants to tell the other but doesn’t know how and starts to freak out and the other notices and corners him, thinking he wants to break up or something?
  • Fem!Phan Danielle feels self conscious about her body and starts to become more distant to the outside world. Phillipa(?) finds out and tells(or shows)Danielle otherwise
  • Phil is a human living in a zombie apocalypse and Dan is a zombie. Dan saves Phil from attack and keeps him safe. Feelings develop between them and dan slowly feels himself becoming human again


  • Dan is in a car crash, Phil seeks a way out.
  • drunk+cheating
  • Dan depressed over Phil’s death. - Phil passes away in a horrible car accident,Dan couldn’t do anything but blame it on himself.He loved Phil so much,he was his true friend,a couple of years later he finds himself cutting and depressed.Phil will always be in his heart.
  • Dan is going through depression and Phil finds his unfinished suicide letter. Phil is the only one to comfort Dan, and he gets him out of it to make him happier. Dan unfortunately passes in a horrific car crash, leaving Phil guilty and depressed. Phil ends up writing letters to his best friend every day, needing to talk to him. 
  • they are dating and one of them realizes he’s actually straight?
  • Dan cheats on Phil, and not like he fucks some one else like he is /in/ a second relationship and Phil finds out
  • Dan lets slip that he went through a ‘bisexual phase’ and shit storms happen.
  • A zombie apocalypse occurs and Dan and Phil are separated. One gets bitten and the other has to shoot him to save him from being killed by someone else.


  • Filming Super Amazing Project in the dark - things get smutty
  • Animal roleplay/kink
  •  A foursome/gangbang/sleepover
  • Bondage/dom!Dan
  • Cat whisker fetish
  • theesome
  • Dan and Phil use a double-ended vibrator together
  • dan and phil have sleepy morning sex
  • fluffy smut
  • Dan and Phil are together, but they have a fight. They don’t speak (only to argue), and have to film a video together. They act civil and what not but it is obvious that they aren’t as close. After the filming, there is a lot of sexual tension, so Phil kisses Dan and it ends up as angry/make-up sex
  • Phil watches Dan’s video “Die Emo Scum” and comes to the endscreen where Dan humps the box. Phil gets horny and it progresses
  •  Dan gets his legs waxed, and afterwards Phil gets really turned on by his smooth legs and they have sex and afterwards Dan’s just like ‘maybe I should do that more often

Fluff/ Angst

  • Dan is a neko. (Catboy)
  • Phil comforts Dan
  •  dan and phil have super powers
  • Doctor Who/ Dan and Phil crossover: A young man named Dan is plagued by dreams of savage monsters, strange robots, weeping angels, and hurtling through time and space with a mad man in a little blue box. Little does he know they’re much more than hallucinations of sleep; they’re faded memories of someone with ebony hair and the clearest crystal blue eyes; faded memories of the wildest adventures. He can hear that absurd whirring so clearly, yet to him all these dreams will be nothing more than figments of his imagination. Meanwhile the Doctor continues to travel through the universe, however he is companionless; his hearts ache greatly.
  • Spy AU: Agent Chris Kendall had left on a solo mission weeks ago. His disappearance had caused Agent Phil Lester, the advanced agent, to seek for knowledge of his whereabouts, which lead him to believe that Ben (a new recruit) is aware of Chris’ exact whereabouts. Agent Dan Howell and PJ Liguori soon learn about Chris’ disappearance. They have to work together to find Chris, and return him to home base. The one thing they do not know entirely is who had taken Chris, or why.
  • Jealous Phil
  • Dan or Phil comes out to the other as transgender
  • prompt based on Internet Support Group 2: you know how the second message talks about how that girl is in love with her best friend and all that? well when i first watched it all i could think about (and i blame my phan goggles for this) is what if phil actually sent that message? so yea i want someone to write that. preferably fluff but whatever
  • During a liveshow Phil joking says that Phan is his OTP and it causes shit storms
  •  high school au. cliche one where dan is popular and phil is basically the nerdy kid that only has one friend, although he isn’t bullied or anything. after dan and phil start dating dan wants to introduce phil to his friends but phil is nervous/scared as he doesn’t want to embarrass himself or dan by saying something stupid or nerdy.
  • Phil and Dan experience a tornado together.
  • Dan and Phil are dating, and one morning Dan wakes up and looks in the mirror and sees he has a small pimple that is easily covered by his hair, but he still freaks out and doesn’t want Phil to see it so he locks himself in his room all day and makes up excuses and basically just avoids Phil at all costs.
  • Phil and Dan get caught kissing in public by a phangirl, and major shit storms happen.
  • Dan and Phil are at the Radio 1 Big Weekend and Dan is worrying that he will make a fool of himself in front of any famous people and any fans and they will all hate him. Phil throughout the day keeps telling him the opposite until he himself makes a fool of himself and people start to laugh at him. So Dan tells them to back off and protects Phil.
  • After an argument, Dan runs out the apartment. While he’s out, Phil is left alone and he relapses on his depression. What Dan finds when he returns isn’t pleasant.
  • so dan has a girlfriend but she cheats on him alot and she tries to get with phil multiple times (but hes gay &she doesnt know) and phil tells dan but he doesnt believe phil and gets angry whenever phil tells him and then one day when phil tells hims again dan leaves the house to go to his girlfriends, when he gets there shes not there so he just goes back to the apartment and there he finds his girlfriends once again trying to get phil to sleep with her. the ending is up to you.
  • one where they’re dating and they have already told the fans so the dan girls attack phil
  •  Dan is a recovering self harmer, and it’s been a few months clean. Phil (his boyfriend) is SO incredibly proud of him. But then Dan’s home alone for awhile and something happens that he accidentally cuts or burns himself, and Phil walks in just at the wrong moment so it looks like Dan relapsed.
  • Dan swears on the radio show and Phil punishes him (doesnt have to be smut. Take that prompt anyway you see it…)
  • Dan and Phil get into a little arguement and Phil takes it alot worse than Dan. So when Dan tries to ensure sexy times that Phil doesn’t want Phil like… bites his tongue
  • Dan is pissed about his argument with Charlie so when Phil tries to cheer him up Dan snaps at him. Phil goes all quiet and sad because Dan never snaps and him and Dan gives him cuddles to make up for it
  • One of them leaves love bites all over the other’s jaw without thinking, and the phans notice.
  • Phil and Dan are sharing a bed and cuddling while they sleep and one of them wets the bed.
  • either dan or phil were in a porn movie when they were younger before they knew each other, and the other watch it by accident while masturbating, then can’t look at them the same way again and they finally bring it up, you decide how it ends.
  • Dan and Phil have been in an established relationship for a few years and Phil being at 26 (or older) feels like he’s ready to adopt a baby/child and and voices this, but Dan feels like he’s too young to become a parent and angst/fluff/angsty-fluff
  • Phil has mild autism and is bullied a lot for it. Dan meets him a bit after his failed suicide attempt because of bullying and falls in love with him regardless of his autism.

Fluff/ Smut

  • Male Pregnancy! (mpreg)
  •  Love Bites
  • Titanic AU
  • Dan as a stripper. - He recently quit youtube, he didn’t find it interesting anymore and his videos weren’t as successful as before.He had no choice but to become a stripper for living.
  • Phil gets a little to rough in bed and Dan has to use the safe word and he’s maybe crying a little and Phil feels really bad and then it’s fluffy
  • dan and phil don’t know each other but they have a one night stand, then the morning after they don’t remember much and it’s kind of awkward and they just kinda re-introduce themselves and talk for a while and just make it really cute.
  • AU where Dan is a broadway start and he’s playing Dr. Frank n Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture show and someone takes Phil to see the show and he meets Dan afterwards and they have sex
  • Phil is the owner of a Cabaret-style club and Dan is one of his drag performers

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